Laura Martini

Laura has been a volunteer at MCACC since 2015. A transplant from Long Island (Massapequa) NY, she has a degree in nursery management (forestry) and is an underwriter of commercial real estate for Wells Fargo. She is passionate about animals, nature, and the well-being of both. Laura spends her downtime relaxing with a cold beer and caring for her home pack, which includes dogs, cats, fish, chickens, turtles, desert tortoises, cockatiels, and an African Grey parrot!

Lorena Bader

Lorena is a former high school educator who spent 26 years teaching chemistry and physics. A mother of two daughters, Lorena is a relentless advocate for the dogs of MCACC! When she is not networking, advocating, or pursuing her four-legged passions, you can find her working puzzles, reading, and probably being lovingly harassed by her husband of 31 years, Fran.

Andrea Alden

Andrea is a current MCACC volunteer who brings a fresh perspective to animal welfare! She started her animal advocacy journey in December of 2018. Born in Texas, she has spent most of her life in Arizona. Andrea has been teaching English at the university level for 15 years. She spends what free time she does have, reading, doing crosswords, and of courseā€¦helping dogs.